Make the Most of Your Dental Benefits Plan Before 31 December!

Make the Most of Your Dental Benefits Plan Before 31 December!

Posted by SOUTH HILLSBORO FAMILY DENTISTRY on Nov 26 2020, 03:19 AM

Dental insurance plans are built to help people receive the dental care they need with ease. However, it is worthy of note here that dental benefit plans expire! In a majority of instances, the plan’s coverage resets at the end of the calendar. So, now is a good time to schedule an appointment with us for a quick dental visit to use some, if not all, benefits before the 31st of December.

Here is a quick guide that can help you make the most of your dental benefits plan:

Review the Plan Benefits

Since the end of the year is right around the corner, review the features and benefits of the dental plan to understand, firstly, the renewal date. Once you confirm that your plan renews on the 1st of January, get into details such as the maximum coverage amount and the amount spent so far. You need to keep in mind here that the amount left does not roll over to the next year, which means you have to use up as much as possible within a month’s time.

Consider Using Your FSA

For those who need a refresher on the concept of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), it is an account to which your employer contributes a part of your paycheck, pre-tax, towards your healthcare expenses. If you do not have a dental insurance plan or have exceeded the limit, use your FSA. This way, not only can you get necessary dental treatments, the tax-free dollars will let you enjoy a higher take-home.

Benefit From the Plan Today to Avoid Expenditure in the Future

Dentists always stress the need for biannual dental visits because regular check-ups allow us to detect any possible oral issues that need immediate attention. If you neglect oral care, preventive dental care treatments cannot be provided - leading to chronic oral issues that could cost much more. Moreover, dental benefit plans cover dental care treatments such as cleaning, X-ray, dental exams, and so on - costing you little or nothing for a dental visit.

Take Care of Your Oral Health to Maintain Your Overall Health

Your oral health translates to good overall physical health. Dental conditions such as gum disease are known to be linked to physical illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease. Dental visits allow you to detect early signs of more serious physical ailments that may need immediate attention. So, visiting the doctor and receiving the necessary oral treatments can help you stay hale and hearty.

Now that you know why and how to maximize your dental benefits plan give us a call at 503-747-5607 today to fix up a schedule as soon as possible before the slots run out!

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