Vaping and Cavity formation

Vaping and Cavity formation

Posted by SOUTH HILLSBORO FAMILY DENTISTRY on Jan 20 2021, 09:37 AM

With the advent of newer ways to smoke, numerous oral health diseases have come to the surface. Unlike regular cigarettes, vapes and e-cigarettes pose fewer oral health risks. However, it is necessary to consider a few things before you opt to vape.

Things to consider before using a vape:

Vaping can harm your teeth and overall oral health. However, minimum the risk, the risk still exists. Read more to know about the already found side-effects of this still newer trend. 

Does vape have toxic chemicals?

Some chemicals are used in vaping liquid, which is toxic and causes most oral health problems. Some of these chemicals are:

  • Diacetyl: toxic for lungs when inhaled at high temperatures
  • Benzene: Can lead to leukemia and bone marrow diseases
  • Heavy metals: levels of lead, nickel, chromium, and manganese exceed safe limits for inhalation. They are also harmful to oral health.  
  • Nicotine: It is the addictive chemical in the liquid

Can vaping affect your teeth and gums?

Research shows that your gum and teeth can negatively be affected if you are a regular user of vape. Some of these effects are as follows:

  • Excess bacteria

Researchers have found that teeth exposed to e-cigarette aerosol had more bacteria than those that hadn’t. Excess bacteria can cause tooth decay, cavities, and gum diseases.

  • Dry mouth

The most common problem related to smoking a vape or regular cigarettes is that they contain chemicals such as propylene glycol, which causes mouth dryness. Excess dryness can lead to bacteria formation, which can further cause bad breath, ulcers, and cavities. 

  • Inflamed gums

Researchers also show that regular consumption of such chemicals can lead to inflamed and infected gums. Gums that are not healthy lead to various issues such as - shaky teeth, abscess teeth, chronic pain in the jaw, neck, and head. 

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