Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal infection is one of the most severe oral conditions caused by decaying dental pulp. The root canal is a central cavity present in all-natural teeth. It houses the dental pulp, which comprises nerves and blood vessels that provide nutrition and sensation to the teeth. When the microbes in the mouth gain entry into the root canal cavity, they can release toxic substances that severely infect the pulp and put the entire tooth at risk of being extracted.

The dentist visually examines the tooth and takes a digital x-ray of the oral cavity to determine its severity. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly, and a rubber dam is placed on the teeth to isolate the infected one. High-precision dental instruments are used to make a small hole in the tooth to access the infected pulp. Thin dental files are inserted into it, and the infected tissues are extracted. The walls of the root canal cavity will be scrubbed thoroughly, and the debris will be washed away using a jet of water. The tooth will be restored using a dental crown, which is bonded in place with the help of dental adhesives.

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